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How to Get Around in Cambodia


In terms of transportation in Cambodia, getting around can be fairly cheap if you are willing to give up some conveniences.  Phnom Penh’s Riverside is relatively easy to walk around and be close to dining, entertainment, and parks.

We will go into details of different kinds of transportation through out Cambodia.  Not every mode will be available depending on the location you are at.

Ifyou are not certain of how to get one one place or another without being ripped off.. just kindly inbox us, and within 48 hours we will reply to your needs.

Angkor Wat

Our Available Transportation Services.


We have many reputable tuk tuks drivers that are more than eager to earn your business.  We make sure our drivers are able to communicate in English.


One of the best way to travel throughout Cambodia long distances would be private cars or vans.  Our drivers are licensed and can communicate in English.


If you are adventures and can safely operate a motorcycle 150 cc and lower, we can definitely help with your rental needs.  Day to Day or monthly rentals available.



The Tuk Tuks in the cities of Cambodia were fairly a normal site.  Can fit 1 person all the way to up to 10 people I seen.  You enjoy the open air scenery and feel slightly safer than riding on a moto.  The drawbacks to riding a Tuk Tuk is you have to constantly bargain with the driver.  Seeing a foreigner you can expect the price to double or triple.  Short distances is ok, but far distances is a rip off.  You waste so much time and energy negotiating prices, the trip itself is un-joyable.  Proceed with caution.


Ride-Hailing tuk tuks are the way to travel nowadays in the major cities.  Just download the apps available on your smart phone.  There are about 5-8 ride sharing companies in Cambodia trying to earn your business.  We will go into details the names of each App and review them.  If you are familiar with using Uber, its fairly the same thing.  Only major difference is instead of paying with debit/credit, you pay with cash at the end of the ride.  No need to negotiate.  Plenty of drivers available. The way to go.


Whether you are a solo traveler or traveling in a group, the recommended vehicle to ferry passengers around in Cambodia is the van.  It can accommodate passengers from 2-16 including the driver.  Our drivers are professionally screened and has their driver’s license.

If a van is too big for your needs, we can accommodate with a smaller passenger vehicle.  Transportation costs are separate from tour guide expenses.


When traveling farther distances like from one city to another fairly cheap, i recommend the many bus companies in Cambodia.  They usually have stations within the city limits and some operate 24 hours!  Its fairly safer ride being in a large bus.  Most are equipped with AC (sometimes works/sometimes does not).  Usually they play some type of movie in Khmer while heading towards the destination.  I recommend going to buy your tickets at least 1 hour in advance.  The rear of the bus is not so rider friendly.


Another “green” way of traveling in Cambodia, would be to bike.  There are many hotels and stores willing to rent you a bicycle for the day or week depending on your needs.  Be sure to have your passport ready because some places will want to keep your passport until you return the item back.  Getting a cheap used bike second hand from the internet is another way to go.  You’ll enjoy the scenery at the slow pace and do not have to pay anyone to drive or for gas.


Moto dops are still in demand in Cambodia due to one thing, price.  But before stepping on  a moto behind a driver you never know be careful. Prices are negotiated and cash only.  But that has change since some companies now employ Ride share moto dops.  Good for just catching some quick short rides when you are in a hurry.  Laws in Cambodia now requires both driver and passengers to wear helmets or risk fines.



Cambodia is in the mist of an aviation boom.  Not too long ago Cambodia’s domestic airlines was non existent, but due to the influx of tourists to the country, Cambodia now has 8 domestic airlines and growing.  The major hubs are between Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Sihanoukville.  Battambang has a non-functioning airport land base but due to economic reasons it now became a place where young kids hang out and mingle.  We will give reviews on which airlines to use and etc.


One of my most enjoyable travels happens to be on water.  90% of Cambodia’s citizens depends on the waters that flows into Cambodia.  The Tonle Sap is the largest fresh water river in Cambodia and it connects to the mighty Mekong River coming all the way from Tibet.

Take your time, enjoy the scenery.  It’s a slow journey on boat but well worth it.  There are plenty of options to choose from and we will review them here.


For those who wants the exclusive scenery from above, there is the helicopter private tours.  Only a few helicopter tour companies exist and they mainly cater to Siem Reap province.  If you have the budget, I highly recommending this type of travel.


Cyclos, three-wheeled bicycles whose drivers perch high above the rear wheel, were once popular in Phnom Penh and an icon of the city since the late 19th century. But tuk-tuks, the motorized version, offer shorter traveling times for passengers, less work for drivers, and larger passenger carrying capacities.

Its still serves as a source of transporation and work for those who can not afford to rent/buy motorbikes or tuk tuks.  Great for enjoying the scenery in a slow pace way. Highly recommended.


There are a number of businesses that will rent you their motor bikes generally while handing them your passport.  Rates varies, but we will give reviews and recommendations of which companies to use and which types of motor cycle best suits your trip.

It is legal to operate a motorbike in Cambodia if its less than 150 CC.  No license required.  You will need a driver’s license to operate a vehicle in Cambodia.  Riding a moto is probably the most exciting way to travel in Cambodia.


Another enjoyable way to view the scenery above the temples is a slow ride on a hot air balloon.  Only a few companies exist, and are mainly based out of Siem Reap.  Highly desirable but not for the faint of heart if you are scared of heights.

It is probably best to reserve your hours during sun rise and sun set due to remarkable photo ops.

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